How to produce bestselling audio books?

The first ingredient of a good audio book is the content. Of course, please be mindful of the genre you select, and always research all trends thoroughly.Oh, and you will have to record the whole thing?! Fairly simple, right? Just fire up the microphone of your laptop, read it out loud, and the task is completed. Well, yes, but not quite. Please be mindful, that you win your listener within the first 25 seconds of the audio book.
Even if writing is top-notch, as it should be, the execution could ruin the success of your audio book. It will fail if it’s not produced properly and in a high-class studio environment. The tone and the pitch of the voice also have to entice the listener from the first second of the audiobook. Case and point - Hugh Laurie reading audiobooks of Jerome Jerome. Here is an example of the perfect match of witty British humour with a voice lending the material gravitas and that special pinch of levity at the same time.


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